Course Materials: Theory & Aural Skills

Kris Shaffer, CU–Boulder College of Music

Current courses and resources

Music Theory 1 (Fall 2015)
Music Theory and Aural Skills 3 (Fall 2015)

Open Music Theory (online textbook)
CU Teaching Resources (for TAs and instructors in music theory and aural skills at CU–Boulder)

Past courses

Music Theory I (MUSC 1101) (Fall 2014)
Aural Skills II (MUSC 1131) (Spring 2014)
Music Theory III (MUSC 2101) (Fall 2014)
Aural Skills III (MUSC 2121) (Fall 2014)
Music Theory IV (MUSC 2111) (Spring 2015)
Aural Skills IV (MUSC 2131) (Spring 2015)
Music Cognition (MUSC 6801) (doctoral seminar, Fall 2014)
Music Cognition (PSYC 4541) (online course, Summer 2015)
Harmony and Form in Pop/Rock Music: A Computational Approach

Online resources

Open Music Theory – online textbook for music theory.


All coursework and deadlines will be linked from the respective class websites.